Anthea Cares!

We run Anthea as a responsible business. We envision setting a standard in our category and our industry and building a reputation as role model hotel company.

We employ people from the local community, offering fair pay and safe, pleasant working conditions. We aim at maintaining a workforce of well-trained and satisfied professionals in order for our customers to get the best possible experience.

We care about our environmental impact. We maintain an energy-efficient infrastructure, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint. We use certified biodegradable detergents in order to limit our impact on effluents. We recycle a significant part of our waste while employing waste management controls.

We purchase goods and services from Tinos businesses, aiming at growing along with our neighbors. We are part of this island’s community and our corporate behavior is forged around it.

Anthea is a hotel accessible for people with reduced mobility. We go beyond regulation, in providing wheelchair access around the building complex and in the rooms.

We are committed to grow our business in a sustainable and controlled manner. We will gradually engage sustainability standards and best practices and we will try our best to influence our business partners to do the same.

For 2016, our first year of operation under new management, we shall monitor and report on sustainability performance on:
– Environmental Impact (energy, water, waste)
– Labor Practices (compliance, fair practices, training)
– Indirect Economic Impact (local procurement, local hiring)

Anthea Hotel Tinos | Sustainability