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Anthea – CoViD-2019 Policy

Information on the safe and healthy operation of our hotel


Dear visitors and associates,


Anthea Boutique Hotel & Spa will reopen on Friday, June 26, 2020. We are here to provide you with excellent accommodation, food and wellness experiences. We consider it important to contact you for the measures we have already taken, as well as for your own obligations in order to ensure high level health and safety conditions in our facilities, both for you and for our staff.


If needed, our staff or special external partners will strictly carry out the cleaning of all hosting areas as well as the machines that need cleaning, following with great care the cleaning, hygiene and disinfection protocols. These protocols include:

  • Training of our employees on hygiene issues.
  • Clearly established cleaning and disinfection cycles in all areas, with particular emphasis on high-risk areas (toilets, restaurants, etc.)
  • Frequent cleaning with a new type of cleaners, approved by the Greek National Organization for Medicines for heating and cooling machines and for our refrigerators.
  • Apparent placement of hand disinfection devices.
  • Frequent cleaning and washing of busy areas and frequent touch surfaces, including corridors, stairs and storage areas.
  • Cleaning the sunbeds around the pool and using it only with a special protective single-use film
  • Immediate response by disinfection in case of a case.
  • Collaboration with a doctor who is permanently based in Tinos, trained in the examination of nasopharyngeal and oral pharyngeal smears.

Taking into account the current concerns about the new coronavirus (covid-19), we have established accommodation rules which, together with the appropriate hygiene protocols and operating procedures, ensure our visitors to the fullest extent possible.

These rules of stay include:

  • Recommendation to our guests when approaching any interior service area (reception, bar, buffet), to keep a distance of two (2) meters from the next in order of priority but also from the hotel staff.
  • Providing our guests with a face mask, in all the internal common areas of the hotel.
  • Reduction of the maximum capacity of our restaurant, as we shaped the spaces and diluted the placement of the furniture so that the new required distances are observed. We adapted the breakfast buffet and receptions, so that all our delicacies are served without the use of a common utensil (tongs). The utensils used are hygienically suitable for the appropriate temperatures and our catalogs have been laminated, while our menu has been adapted to the safest possible health composition. Finally, our staff will be present to ensure unhindered compliance with the operating rules
  • Recommendation to our visitors when entering and exiting the restaurant, bar or cafe to use the special hand sanitizer that is placed for this purpose at all entrances of our restaurants.
  • For the room service of our guests, we have set new procedures for ordering, delivering and receiving a record in their room, for their convenience. This service will be provided free of charge.
  • In order to avoid any health problems from goods and / or services of third parties consumed inside the hotel without being able to control them, we do not allow external food delivery services (delivery).
  • Encourage our customers to use their internal or personal phone for anything they need from us (questions, advice, emergency, etc.) and not to come into direct contact with our employees, if they are not at all essential. Our telephone service is valid 24 hours a day.
  • The check-in will be done seamlessly by exchanging documents and only one person from each room will be able to participate within the reception area. The rest of the customers will be waiting in the outdoor area of ​​the hotel outside the reception. The same goes for check-out. The entrance to the room will be at 15:00 and the exit at 11:00 so that there is enough time for ventilation and cleaning of each room. Our traditional (packaged this year) treat as well as a map of our island, will be waiting for you inside the room and we will be at your disposal for any clarification, preferably by phone. In case the assistance of the personnel is requested for the transport of luggage, it will be done with the use of gloves and it will be deposited outside the room with simultaneous cleaning of the transport handle by our employee.
  • The transfer from and to the port will be done only with six (6) passengers on the eleven-seat bus of the accommodation and in fact one person will sit in a row of seats. Exceptionally, a larger number will be allowed in a single family living in a room. The bus will operate with permanently open windows, will be cleaned and disinfected daily and the driver’s assistance when requested (not recommended) for luggage transportation will be provided with all protection measures.
  • Preventive thermometry will be performed when entering the hotel of all customers and associates or even sampling during customer accommodation and whenever the need arises. The hotel management reserves the right to measure thermometer at its discretion.
  • We encourage our visitors to contact any member of our team for suggestions and / or comments that will improve our operation.

Our goal is to provide high quality and secure personalized services. Our staff as a whole are enthusiastic professionals, at the disposal of our visitors, they respond immediately and effectively to their requests while they have recently received certified training on health prevention and protection measures.

For our employees, our company has taken the following measures:

  • Restrictions are imposed on as many people as possible in their workplace.
  • We have provided all the protective equipment provided as a precaution.
  • We continue to take measures to continuously disinfect work surfaces, as well as public and private spaces.
  • We have taken measures to limit social gatherings of staff and to maintain a safe distance between employees (2+ meters).
  • As part of our commitment to the health and well-being of visitors, employees and our community, we are closely monitoring developments regarding the new 2019 corona (covid19) with regular updates and guidance from the National Public Health Organization. And the Ministry of Health, as well as by additional governmental and European organizations. Based on the guidance we have received and the general state of our readiness, we are confident that our facilities and services are still safe and our staff ready to serve our guests.

We are confident that the staff of our company, which in these unprecedented circumstances displays a very high level of individual, social and professional responsibility, will function as an exemplary host.

After all this, we consider it absolutely necessary and self-evident the compliance of all our customers and associates with the above described. Every customer who, for his own reasons, refuses to follow the instructions and rules, will be obliged to leave the hotel immediately and any money will be refunded for the rest of his stay, while for the partners the immediate termination of the cooperation will apply. us. No human being and no amount of money is above the inalienable and invaluable right of all of us to health and safety.

We are confident that together we will succeed.


Akis Sklavos
President & Director Consultant EIKONES KYKLADON S.A

Panagiotis Ch. Prassas
Manager Anthea Boutique Hotel & Spa